Ashlee Cartwright, Esq. answers your questions about state-funded school lunches, adoption planning, custody issues, breastfeeding laws, discrimination challenges, and much more.

Everyday Nutrition for Vegan Kids

Anya Todd, R.D. helps you raise healthy, plant-powered kids by serving up data-driven, clearly explained nutrition guidance.

Ask Erika: Advice for Raising Plant-Powered Kids

A cookbook author and vegan mom of three, Erika Krebs offers up her best cooking tips, foodie wisdom, guidance on navigating social situations, and insights on many other lifestyle topics.


New to vegan living or looking for age-appropriate information to share with your veggie kid? We offer an overview of the key issues affecting animals, as well as a growing list of resources that you can use to teach your kindhearted kids why being plant-powered is best for animals and the Earth.


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