Ask Erika: A Vegan Birthday That’s Fun for All


Vegan Birthday That's Fun for All

Dear Erika,

I want to throw a vegan birthday party for my 2-year-old child, but most other kids and their parents aren’t vegan. Any suggestions to how to please everyone?

Shannon, Boulder, CO

Dear Shannon,

The beautiful thing about 2-year-olds is that they are still learning what foods are yummy and which aren’t. I wouldn’t worry too much about whether the other 2-year-olds will turn their noses up at what you offer. It’s the parents that you should really think about. I love these times because I see it as an incredible opportunity to show others how vegan food doesn’t mean eating cardboard and sprouts!

I threw a party for my twins’ 3rd birthday. About 12 kids and four sets of parents came—all meat lovin’ folk. I had a construction party theme and renamed the food to the details of the party. Kids and parents alike were having so much fun eating “wrecking ball sliders” (vegan meatball sliders), “paintbrushes” (watermelon corners on a stick), “caulk” (hummus dip and veggies), “rebar” (pretzel rods), “grout with broken concrete” (Mexican dip and tortilla chips), and “pipes” (vegan cream cheese filled sweet peppers), that they didn’t even notice all the food was vegan. 

Since I took the focus off the idea that it was vegan and placed the emphasis on fun construction theme names, people enjoyed trying out the different foods. The biggest hit were the vegan cream cheese sweet peppers. I had many parents say “I can’t believe that’s not real.” And every single meatball slider was gobbled up too!

Good luck and I’d love to hear what birthday theme you end up with!



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