Ask Erika: Ease Your Kid into Loving Blackstrap Molasses


Dear Erika,

My pediatrician told me I should add blackstrap molasses to my children’s diet. I’ve tasted it and it’s really bitter. Do you have any suggestions on how to introduce it?
–Cindy, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Cindy,

I had the same reaction! But the benefits of blackstrap molasses are so amazing, it’s worth
finding ways to incorporate this iron-rich superfood into your vegan child’s diet.  Have you ever
heard of the old phrase that a frog dropped in boiling water will jump out, but a frog in water
brought to a boil won’t? The same theory applies in the nice, cruelty-free, vegan world. If you
pour a bunch of molasses on toast, your child will probably spit it out. But, if you introduce it
slowly and possibly even disguised, you will have a blackstrap loving kid in no time! And yes, I’m
speaking from experience. Seriously. Don’t schmear a bunch on toast for the first time!

With that being said, the quickest way is to cater to the sweet tooth. There are many recipes out there for molasses cookies—just substitute ½ of the regular molasses for blackstrap. And with each batch, increase the blackstrap substitute.

Another suggestion is to add it to oatmeal. When I make a fresh pot of oatmeal, I stir in just a small teaspoon to five cups oatmeal as it’s finished cooking. Next time, I add two teaspoons. Would you believe that after about six months of eating oatmeal once a week, we are up to 1/4 cup of blackstrap for five cups oatmeal? The moral of the story: slow and steady turtle wins the race with superfood blackstrap molasses. Good luck!



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