Ask Erika: What’s Your Favorite Bean?


Dear Erika,

What is your favorite bean and why?

–Kyle, Grand Rapids, MI

Hi Kyle,

Hands down, edamame! It is so versatile and kids love it! It can be eaten as a snack, a dish, used in soups, and even processed into crackers or sweets! I keep edamame in the shell as a stock item in my freezer. As a great mid afternoon snack for the kids, boil a few handfuls for about six minutes and serve warm. You can add salt if you like. My three-year-olds love practicing their dexterity by popping them out of the shell themselves, which is half the fun!

And, did you know that just a 1/2 cup of these green soybean superstars packs in 11 grams of protein and nine grams of fiber? I believe that’s called vegan dreamfood!



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