Recipes and Features by Ashlee Cartwright, Esq.

Vegan-at-Law: Vegan and Vegetarian Options in the National School Lunch Program

By Ashlee Cartwright on July 18, 2015

We send our children off to school, hoping they are well taken care of and in good hands. They can have the best teachers, which is comforting, but what about the food that our schools are serving our children? As […]

Vegan-at-Law: Can I be arrested for raising a vegan child?

By Ashlee Cartwright on May 8, 2015

“Mom Faces Criminal Charges Because Officials Think Being a Vegan Endangers Her Baby” (TakePart) “Vegan Couple Cleared of Starving Baby, Guilty of Child Neglect” (CNN)  “Couple Guilty of Assault in Vegan Case” (NY Times) “Vegan Mom: ‘Malnourished’ Baby was Healthy” […]

Vegan-at-Law: How Does the CACFP Food Program Affect My Vegan Child?

By Ashlee Cartwright on April 10, 2015

If you have a child in day care, you may have encountered some issues with your day care providing your child vegan meals and snacks. Most likely, if this has happened to you, it is because the day care is […]

Vegan and Pregnant—Now What?

By Ashlee Cartwright on April 10, 2015

As I write this, I am seven months pregnant with my second child. My first born is just over two- years-old. My husband and I are extremely excited that we are welcoming another vegan bundle of joy in just a […]

Protein-Packed Peanut Butter Noodles

By Ashlee Cartwright on April 10, 2015

Children of all ages, including toddlers, are known to devour this meal. Not only do they enjoy it, but it is packed with protein—tofu, peanut butter and peas. Next time someone asks you if you feed your kids enough protein, […]

Iron Boosting Pancakes

Iron-boosting Hawaiian Pancakes

By Ashlee Cartwright on April 10, 2015

Ahhh, wouldn’t it be lovely to visit Hawaii? You could see the pineapple and sugar-cane fields, then head to the beach to enjoy nature’s beauty while peacefully resting. Well, the reality is that you probably won’t be having a vacation […]

Quick Quesadillas

Quick Quesadillas

By Ashlee Cartwright on April 5, 2015

These tasty quesadillas can be made in fewer than 15 minutes and are the perfect dinner option when you’re short on time. Ingredients: 4–6 tortilla wraps 1 can vegan refried beans Nutritional yeast 1 package Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds 1 […]

Carob Cranberry Cookies

Carob Cranberry Cookies

By Ashlee Cartwright on March 5, 2015

These cookies are loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. Once you bring them to an event or make them for your children’s friends, they are sure to ask for them again. Nothing fancy about this recipe – just mix all […]