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The First (Vegan Family) Thanksgiving

By Jonathan Auyer on November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. You have food, family, friends—plus it’s Fall! An explosion of colorful foliage and chilly morning walks and warm coats. Nothing beats this time of year, and more than previous years, […]

The One Thing All New Parents Should Do

By Jonathan Auyer on August 4, 2015

There are lots of books, blogs, and websites, not to mention advice columns, YouTube videos, and old wives tales to help people get through having a child. Some are helpful, others not so much. What I have come to realize […]

Being Labeled Vegan

By Jonathan Auyer on June 29, 2015

In “Being Vegan Without Being an Outsider,” Sarah Schultz Robinson wrote aptly about raising vegan kids to not feel like outsiders, or, as she eloquently spins the phrase, to ask “how do you make being an outsider a positive thing?” […]

“So, Are You Going to Raise Your Kid Vegan?”

By Jonathan Auyer on May 3, 2015

This is, I’d surmise, the third most asked question I’ve gotten when sharing that we were pregnant. It falls somewhere behind “Do you know the sex?” and “Have you picked out names?” I have been getting it quite a lot […]