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Better Living on a Budget: Take-In Instead of Takeout

By Marie Levey-Pabst on December 10, 2015

Before I was vegan, I regularly ate out two or three times per week, including a couple nights of takeout. There was little I enjoyed more than ordering Indian food and having it arrive at my door, complete with steaming […]

Five Tips for a Joyful Vegan Halloween

By Marie Levey-Pabst on October 12, 2015

Being a vegan parent means navigating all sorts of holiday eating with both planning and grace. For some reason, Halloween has always been one I worried about the most. Maybe it was because that I couldn’t communicate to every home […]

From Pescaterian to Vegan Mom

By Marie Levey-Pabst on October 1, 2015

I began my vegan journey in 2000. During my first year in college, I became pesco-vegetarian: I cut out all meat except for fish. However, my diet was centered on pasta, bread, cheese, and ice cream. Finally, in 2003, I […]

Three Steps to Easy, Vegan School Lunches

By Marie Levey-Pabst on August 31, 2015

It’s that time of year again. The school bus is turning the corner, and the children are off to another year of learning and growing. If you have been home with your kids all summer, you are probably ready for […]