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Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup 2017

By Renae Corcoran on November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving can be very isolating for vegans and vegetarians, especially when you are a kid in an otherwise-omnivorous family that doesn’t understand your ethical choices. I became a vegetarian at age 9 and a vegan at age 16, and these […]

A Vegan Disneyland Vacation

By Renae Corcoran on June 23, 2017

Like many, I have fond memories of visiting Disneyland during my childhood. And I don’t remember what we ate, but I am sure it was unhealthy and laden with dairy and meat. So when I decided to take my kids […]

New Generation Veggie Secretary

By Renae Corcoran on April 18, 2017

I’m excited and honored to join the Generation Veggie Board of Directors as Secretary! I became involved with Generation Veggie several years ago, after learning about their Kickstarter campaign. Since I’m a parent, a web developer by trade, and have […]