Top 7 Thanksgiving Books for Compassionate Kids

By Jessica Almy

Thanksgiving can be a great time for veggie families to celebrate turkeys and compassionate choices. Here are a few books to get started! 1. Silly Tilly’s Thanksgiving Dinner An enjoyable book that’s perfect for beginning readers, Silly Tilly’s Thanksgiving Dinner […]

Top 5 Kids Books for Little Wildlife Lovers

By Jennifer Gannett

1. My First Book of Wild Animals Engaging pictures of wild animals help babies and toddlers learn about the wild world. Read more. 2. Roly Poly Pangolin Shy Roly Poly Pangolin doesn’t like new things. Little listeners can follow along, […]

Top 10 Books for Veggie Kids

By Jennifer Gannett

Fred Eats a Pea Fred is a dog who finds himself moved from a non-veg home to a veg home after his caregiver’s death. Children follow along with Fred as he learns about new food choices. Read more. Dogs Have […]

Top Books for Young Environmentalists

Top Books for Young Environmentalists

By Jennifer Gannett

Mardy Murie Did! Children learn all about pioneering conservationist Mardy Murdie. This story will instill an appreciation of the work done done to help conserve U.S. public lands and wildlife. Read more. One Night in the Everglades Combining picture book […]

Great Graphic Novels for Veggie Kids

By Homa Woodrum

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love comics, comic books, manga, graphic novels—whatever you choose to call them. I’m the third child out of four, and with an older brother and sister who read comic books, I was […]

Books for Young Chicken Lovers

Top 10 Books for the Young Chicken Lover

By Jennifer Gannett

1. Minny’s Dream A girl explores a factory farm and befriends a laying hen. She faces some hard truths and a ticking clock to help Minny and her friends. Read more. 2. Dave Loves Chickens In this brightly illustrated book, […]