Your Doctor Probably Knows Nothing about Nutrition

By Cassandra Cusack Curbelo

In my first year of med school, we learned about macromolecules in biochemistry: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and how they behaved on a cellular level. We understood that they are ingested by eating food and were told about a few foods […]

Man Fuel: On Veganism, Masculinity, and Fatherhood

By Fernando Cuenca

It’s not a secret: There are more vegan women than men. The reason why is most likely related to meat’s association with the concept of masculinity and the inability to let go of it. Even though it is exacerbated by […]

Vegan kids get sick, too.

Vegan Kids Get Sick Too: Dealing with Illness and Disability

By Matt Mongiello

“My little Cindy never gets colds because she’s vegan! And little Jimmy started reading when he was only 2 years old! Vegan kids are just so exceptional!” How many times have you heard something like this from a vegan parent? […]

Vegan family on a budget

Vegan Family on a Budget

By Cassandra Cusack Curbelo

Ever heard someone say they used to be vegan but that it got too expensive? I’ve never understood that one. What on earth were these people eating, vegan foie gras? Sure, it’s possible to rack up a huge grocery bill […]

Inter-dietary Households: 5 Challenges & Realistic Solutions

By Christina Hudler

Are you living with others who don’t share your dietary or lifestyle choices? While it would be awesome to live in an all-vegan household, it’s just not the reality for a lot of us. I can tell you from personal […]

Gift for the New Vegan Parent

Gifts for the New Vegan Parent

By Kristin Konrady

Vegan families are sprouting up all over. Through pregnancy and adoption, Generation Veggie is growing! Wondering what to register for or what to buy the new vegan parents in your life? We’re here to help you show your love and […]

Activists with Kids: A Look at Those Who Have Betrayed the Cause

By Ryan Huling

All new parents expect to hear the same lines: “Life as you know it is over,” “You’ll sleep again in 18 years,” “No going back now.” If you’re someone who’s passionate about a social issue, though—whether it’s human rights, animal […]

Raising Vegan Kids Who Don’t Feel Like Outsiders

By Sarah Schultz Robinson

When Generation Veggie was first raising awareness and funds to create a community of kindhearted and plant-powered families, we asked our supporters to suggest questions and topics they’d like us to address on the site. One of Generation Veggie’s supporters […]

Vegan Birthday That's Fun for All

Ask Erika: A Vegan Birthday That’s Fun for All

By Erika Krebs

Dear Erika, I want to throw a vegan birthday party for my 2-year-old child, but most other kids and their parents aren’t vegan. Any suggestions to how to please everyone? –Shannon, Boulder, CO Dear Shannon, The beautiful thing about 2-year-olds […]

Raising Children in the Company of Animals

By Kristin Konrady

As far back as I can remember, I have spent every moment of my life surrounded by various animals—dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, turtles, mice, and the occasional Cecropia Moth hatching from a cocoon hidden in a sock drawer. My parents […]

“So, Are You Going to Raise Your Kid Vegan?”

By Jonathan Auyer

This is, I’d surmise, the third most asked question I’ve gotten when sharing that we were pregnant. It falls somewhere behind “Do you know the sex?” and “Have you picked out names?” I have been getting it quite a lot […]

Cooking with Kids

By Erika Krebs

Culinary education with our children is essential for numerous reasons. Learning to cook from scratch utilizes many skills they learn in school: baking is truly a science, measuring needs to be mathematically correct, understanding costs of food and budgeting is […]

My Traditional Vegan Baby Shower

My Traditional Vegan Baby Shower


With most big milestone events, I’ve always been pretty traditional. When my husband and I were married in 2013, our wedding was the typical oak tree ceremony with roses and poems and matching bridesmaids. Our reception had a cheesy-music DJ, […]