The One Thing All New Parents Should Do

By Jonathan Auyer

There are lots of books, blogs, and websites, not to mention advice columns, YouTube videos, and old wives tales to help people get through having a child. Some are helpful, others not so much. What I have come to realize […]

Vegan Teething Remedies

By Jennifer Bates

Congratulations—your baby is getting her first tooth! This is a special time in your child’s development. Unfortunately for some babies, though, teething can also be a time of distress and pain. Can you soothe your little one’s teething pains while […]

Toddler-Friendly Vegan Breakfast Ideas

By Robbyn Brooks Taylor

The alarm goes off, the baby cries, and you hit the ground running to get ready for work and get everyone where they need to be on time. Almost all parents are familiar with the morning rush. But there are […]

Everyday Nutrition: Soy Sensitivity

By Anya Todd, R.D., L.D.

Both of our kids (ages 3 and 1) are sensitive to soy. What protein sources are the best alternatives? Despite most people associating vegans with tofu as our only protein source, there are options beyond soy. Beans, nuts, seeds (and […]

Vegan Kids in Daycare and Preschool

By Christina Cuenca

In parenthood there is no shortage of anxiety-inducers. As a mom of a nearly five-year-old, these come pretty much hourly. Yet, there’s been nothing in our parenting journey so far that compares to the angst associated with finding the right […]

Protein for Toddlers

Everyday Nutrition: Protein for Toddlers

By Anya Todd, R.D., L.D.

My family is freaking out about our 2-year-old not getting enough protein even though she’s very healthy! What can I say to put them at ease? When will this myth die?! I have yet to work with any vegan client […]

Disposable Diapers

By Christina Burke

Disposable diapers are the preferred option for many families—both in addition to and instead of cloth. Hybrid diapers which are partly disposable and partly reusable have also grown popular in recent years. Check out Generation Veggie’s cloth diapering page for […]

Infant Formula

By Christina Burke

Whatever your reasons for choosing or needing formula for your baby, the options can often be overwhelming. Hospitals and doctors send new parents home with samples, other parents offer opinions, and every store seems to have its own brand. Being […]

Cloth diapering

Cloth Diapers

By Christina Cuenca

There are many reasons families choose to use cloth diapers – natural fibers against baby’s skin, keeping disposable diapers out of the landfill, cost savings, and, obviously, the cute, fluffy bum factor. There is just nothing cuter on the planet […]

Breastfeeding Challenges and Solutions

By Jennifer Bates

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to bond with and nourish your child, but it’s not without its difficulties—many mothers face milk production issues, cracked nipples, and more. Below are some of our favorite vegan solutions to make life a little […]

Vegan-at-Law: How Does the CACFP Food Program Affect My Vegan Child?

By Ashlee Cartwright

If you have a child in day care, you may have encountered some issues with your day care providing your child vegan meals and snacks. Most likely, if this has happened to you, it is because the day care is […]

Products We Love: Diaper Creams and Powders

By Jennifer Bates

If you don’t want to cover your baby’s butt in cod liver oil and lanolin (ahem, Desitin), we’ve got your back. Diaper Creams: Earth Mama’s Angel Baby Bottom BalmAngel Baby Bottom Balm smells great and is easily applied to your […]