The One Thing All New Parents Should Do

By Jonathan Auyer

There are lots of books, blogs, and websites, not to mention advice columns, YouTube videos, and old wives tales to help people get through having a child. Some are helpful, others not so much. What I have come to realize […]

Everyday Nutrition: Midwife Ignorant about Vegan Diet

By Anya Todd, R.D., L.D.

My midwife is really ignorant about vegan diets. Is there a web site or book you’d recommend that will help her understand nutrition during a vegan pregnancy? Sadly, the majority of healthcare professionals are not knowledgeable about vegan diets, especially […]

Everyday Nutrition: Vegan Pregnancy Supplements

By Anya Todd, R.D., L.D.

I just learned that I’m 6 weeks pregnant! Is there a good vitamin supplement for vegan pregnancy? First and foremost, I like to stress that women of child-bearing age who could potentially become pregnant should attempt to eat a well-balanced […]

“So, Are You Going to Raise Your Kid Vegan?”

By Jonathan Auyer

This is, I’d surmise, the third most asked question I’ve gotten when sharing that we were pregnant. It falls somewhere behind “Do you know the sex?” and “Have you picked out names?” I have been getting it quite a lot […]

Vegan and Pregnant—Now What?

By Ashlee Cartwright

As I write this, I am seven months pregnant with my second child. My first born is just over two- years-old. My husband and I are extremely excited that we are welcoming another vegan bundle of joy in just a […]

My Traditional Vegan Baby Shower

My Traditional Vegan Baby Shower


With most big milestone events, I’ve always been pretty traditional. When my husband and I were married in 2013, our wedding was the typical oak tree ceremony with roses and poems and matching bridesmaids. Our reception had a cheesy-music DJ, […]

Eating Vegan at Your Hospital Birth

By Reannon Branchesi

Hospitals are not well-known for having great food—mystery meats, blobs of gelatin, bland noodles, and bowls of dull applesauce may come to mind. Having a baby is hard work, and whether you birth vaginally or via C-section, you are going […]