Dear Prudence, Vegan Moms Aren’t Crazy

By Reannon Branchesi

Earlier today, Slate’s “Dear Prudence” advice column took on the challenge of a non-vegan grandma refusing to provide vegan snacks to her grandchildren while watching them after school. Rather than providing helpful advice, Prudence chose instead to chastise the mother […]

Vegan-at-Law: Vegan and Vegetarian Options in the National School Lunch Program

By Ashlee Cartwright

We send our children off to school, hoping they are well taken care of and in good hands. They can have the best teachers, which is comforting, but what about the food that our schools are serving our children? As […]

Vegan Kids in Daycare and Preschool

By Christina Cuenca

In parenthood there is no shortage of anxiety-inducers. As a mom of a nearly five-year-old, these come pretty much hourly. Yet, there’s been nothing in our parenting journey so far that compares to the angst associated with finding the right […]

Raising Vegan Kids Who Don’t Feel Like Outsiders

By Sarah Schultz Robinson

When Generation Veggie was first raising awareness and funds to create a community of kindhearted and plant-powered families, we asked our supporters to suggest questions and topics they’d like us to address on the site. One of Generation Veggie’s supporters […]

Everyday Nutrition: B12 Needs for Preschooler

By Anya Todd, R.D., L.D.

How much B12 does our 4-year-old need and what’s the best supplement? We do not require much vitamin B12—no matter the age. We just need it consistently in our diet. A 4-year-old requires 1.2 micrograms per day to meet the […]

Cooking with Kids

By Erika Krebs

Culinary education with our children is essential for numerous reasons. Learning to cook from scratch utilizes many skills they learn in school: baking is truly a science, measuring needs to be mathematically correct, understanding costs of food and budgeting is […]