Pen Pal Program

We all know positive social relationships are invaluable to children. While children learn from diverse interactions with both peers and adults of all ages, sometimes children need the support and safety of like-minded peers who share their culture and personal experiences. Raising a plant-based family can feel isolating, especially for children who may not have the opportunity to interact with other veggie children on a regular basis. The goal of Generation Veggie’s Pen Pal Program is to help create a peer-to-peer support system for plant-based children of all ages. We envision a world where every veggie kid has a friend they can turn to – whether they are experiencing difficulties at school, are worried about feeling “different” from their mainstream friends, want to learn what other kids love to eat (and give mom and dad some new ideas for dinner!), or if they just want to be silly, tell jokes and get to know other children from other parts of the country – Generation Veggie’s Pen Pal Program will help them build and nurture these important relationships. All while practicing the beautiful art of written communication. It’s a win-win for the whole family!

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You can read the Pen Pal Program FAQ or the Pen Pal Program Guidelines and Policies if you’d like more information.