Pen Pal Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old does my child need to be?

    The Generation Veggie Pen Pal Program is designed for children with early writing skills to age 17. If your child can independently write a sentence, they are welcome to register! We will match children with similar ages. The beauty of the program is that they can grow and learn together. Their letters will advance in detail and composition as their participation and pen pal relationship continues.

  • This sounds wonderful! How do I register my child for the program?

    Please complete the online registration form found here. The form asks general questions to help match your child with an appropriate pen pal partner. Absolutely no personal information will be shared publicly.

  • Is the program safe?

    Once matched, parents/guardians will receive a welcome email with match information. This will include the pen pal’s name, address, gender and age. No other information will be shared. If your family is uncomfortable sharing a mailing address and you would still like to participate, we suggest obtaining a PO Box from the postal service or other mail courier.

  • Is the program free?

    Yes! Other than postage, there are no costs associated with participation.

  • Are there participation guidelines?

    Yes! While participation in the program is at-will (either child in a match can opt out at any time), we suggest that families commit to the program for a minimum of six months to allow the pen pal relationship time to develop. Please see the Program Guidelines and Policies document that details general program policies we ask parents/guardians to acknowledge at the time of registration.