Everyday Nutrition: B12 Needs for Preschooler


How much B12 does our 4-year-old need and what’s the best supplement?

We do not require much vitamin B12—no matter the age. We just need it consistently in our diet. A 4-year-old requires 1.2 micrograms per day to meet the recommendation. This is most easily met by 2 doses every week of 500 mcg. The best supplement is the one that your child will actually take! I know that may sound snarky, but it is the truth. Some children will gladly chew a tablet will others prefer the spray. Additionally, this could be met by consuming 2 daily servings of fortified foods, like non-dairy beverages, cereal bars, & nutritional yeast.

I should also note that the recommendations above are based on the cyanocobalamin form of B12. There is some discussion among folks who do not want to take the cyano form of B12 because there is a cyanide group attached in this compound versus a methyl group as found in the methylcobalamin form of B12. Most of the research on B12 has been conducted with cyanocobalamin—hence why the daily recommendations are based on this type. If you opt for the methyl version, kiddos likely need to take around 500 mcg per day.

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