New Generation Veggie Secretary

By Renae Corcoran

I’m excited and honored to join the Generation Veggie Board of Directors as Secretary! I became involved with Generation Veggie several years ago, after learning about their Kickstarter campaign. Since I’m a parent, a web developer by trade, and have […]

Vegan-at-Law: Recipes and Copyright Law

By Ashlee Cartwright

Recipes are very popular this time of year. I would venture to guess that recipe searches online hit an all-time high between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you use or, more importantly, share a recipe you find online or in a […]

GV 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

By Ashlee Cartwright

Looking to buy a holiday gift for the vegan child or family in your life? No need to spend hours searching the Internet for the perfect gift. Check out the 2016 Generation Veggie Holiday Gift Guide! Most items are reasonably […]

Review of Santa’s First Vegan Christmas (Followed by Q&A Session with author Robin Raven)

By Ashlee Cartwright

I am one of those people who absolutely loves Christmas! I purchased tickets to Laurie Berkner’s Christmas concert in September, started Christmas shopping and scheduled our family Christmas picture in October, and now that November is here, I am happy to […]

Vegan-at-Law: Do Anti-Bullying Laws Protect My Veg Child?

By Ashlee Cartwright

Earlier this year, a New Jersey judge ruled in favor of a school district that disciplined an 11-year-old student for insulting a fellow 11-year-old student because he is a vegetarian. The basis for the discipline was the New Jersey anti-bullying […]

Surviving a Family Vacation in a Non-Vegan-Friendly Location

By Ashlee Cartwright

A few months ago, my college roommates and I decided that we needed to get together. It had been 7 years since I had seen one of them, and almost 3 years since I saw the other. The two of […]

Five Reasons My Family Doesn’t Go Fishing

By Reannon Branchesi

Wisconsin summer is in full swing, and my Facebook newsfeed is slowly populating with pictures of small children smiling broadly while holding suffocating (or already dead) fish. Fishing – at least in the Midwest – has become synonymous with both […]

Generation Veggie Coloring Sheets are Now Available!

By Reannon Branchesi

We are excited to announce that Generation Veggie has partnered with Carlos Patino, author of “Dave Loves Chickens,” to create two coloring sheets that your plant-powered kids will love! These coloring sheets are available for free, and you can download […]

Everyday Nutrition: Top 5 Nutrition Tips for Vegan Parents

By Anya Todd, R.D., L.D.

In celebration of Generation Veggie’s first birthday, I thought I would throw together a “Top 5 List” that encapsulates many of the questions and concerns voiced by veggie parents raising veggie children. So, let’s get down to it. IGNORE the […]

Growing Up Vegan in the Dairy State

By Reannon Branchesi

As a child growing up in Wisconsin, I was taught from a very young age to believe that cow’s milk and the dairy industry were wonderful, wholesome, and one of the best parts of our state. Each year, my elementary […]

When Vegan Kids Are Invited to a Non-Vegan Birthday Party

By Reannon Branchesi

Last night, a parent from my girls’ preschool made me cry. She invited all the kids in my girls’ class to her son’s fourth birthday party, and Abby and Izzy were very excited. I work in the same building as […]

Everyday Nutrition: Dealing with Picky Toddlers

By Anya Todd, R.D., L.D.

Help! Our toddler only wants to eat bread and bananas. How can we get her to eat a wider variety of veggie foods? Food jags, the term used to describe when a child consumes only a select few foods for […]

2016 Family-Friendly VegFests

By Ashlee Cartwright

VegFests are the best! Attending a VegFest is a great way to sample yummy food (for free!), meet other vegetarians and vegans, and learn more about animal-friendly organizations and businesses. The majority of VegFests are also family-friendly, with many even […]

Vegan-at-Law: Five Breastfeeding Laws Everyone Should Know

By Ashlee Cartwright

Despite what some vegan antagonists may argue, breastfeeding is vegan. A human mother voluntarily providing her human child milk that she naturally produced for that child does not fall outside the bounds of what it means to be vegan. Those […]

Ask Erika: Meals as a Baby Gift

By Erika Krebs

Dear Erika, I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and I have an amazing support system of friends and family. Many of them have asked if they can prepare me a meal after the baby arrives, so I don’t have to cook, but […]