Frightfully Easy Halloween Cookies


I’m all about semi-homemade items, especially when it means we can spend more time having fun as a family and less time on prep work. That’s why these Halloween cookies are a perfect food project for families. Each Halloween cookie starts with an “accidentally-vegan” cookie purchased at the store. This food craft works great with older kids, but even my toddler loved helping mix the frosting colors and smearing it on to make his own version of these fun, Halloween cookies.

1 pkg chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos)
1 pkg golden sandwich cookies (Golden Oreos)
1 pkg shortbread cookies (Lorna Doone)
1 pkg peanut butter cookies (Nutter Butter)
1 can white cake frosting
1 tube of squeezable black frosting
1 pkg chocolate chips
1 pkg Skittles (or other round candy that’s green)
Assorted sprinkles
1 pkg of vegan candy eyes (if you get lucky and find them), or round, white candy
1 pkg edible food markers (or at least a black one)
Green, red, and yellow food coloring

Other items that will make this project a breeze:
Three butter knives
Three small bowls
Three spoons
A few plates
Paper towels

1. Place a large spoonful or two of frosting in each bowl. Use the food coloring to tint one bowl of icing orange and one green.
2. Use the dull knives to frost the square shortbread cookies green, golden sandwich cookies orange, and peanut butter cookies white.
3. Use the tube of black frosting to create hair and a mouth for Frankenstein on the green frosted cookies, a pumpkin face on the orange frosted cookies, and eyes and a mouth on the white ghost cookies.
4. Use green sprinkles for Frakenstein’s nose. They should stick right to the green frosting. Then place the candy eyes on Frankenstein’s face. If you use a round, white candy then use the black edible marker to create the pupil of the eye.
5. With your ghosts, pumpkins, and Frakensteins finished, it’s time to work on the black cats. You’ll need two round, green candies, such as Skittles, for each face. Draw an oval shaped pupil on the middle of each candy with the black marker. Next, use frosting to attach two chocolate chips to each chocolate sandwich cookie for ears. Use the frosting to place the green eyes on the cookies, then use a small amount of the black frosting to place orange sprinkles on the cats for their noses.

When you’ve completed all your Halloween faces, you can dig right in! But, if you wait a couple of hours, the frosting will harden and be less messy, and in my opinion, a little tastier on the cookies.

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Robbyn is a journalism and communication lecturer at Troy University after a journalism career spanning more than a decade. She has been vegetarian since 1997, vegan since 2009, and a sci-fi/superhero nerd her whole life. Robbyn lives with her husband, toddler son, and a pair of rescued cats and dogs in Alabama.