Gifts for the New Vegan Parent


Gift for the New Vegan Parent

Vegan families are sprouting up all over. Through pregnancy and adoption, Generation Veggie is growing! Wondering what to register for or what to buy the new vegan parents in your life? We’re here to help you show your love and support for vegan moms and dads with this list of our favorite gift ideas.

Cookbooks: There are many vegan cookbooks geared toward families and more are being published every year. We love Mayim’s Vegan Table, The Vegan Family Cookbook, Fresh Start: Farm-to-Table Plant-Based Beginner Baby Recipes (for younger kids), and Vegan Lunchbox (for older kids).

Parenting Books: Raising Vegetarian Children (this is a vegan book despite the title) and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Eating For Kids.

Children’s Books: Ruby Roth has written the book on vegan children’s books, and we love them all: V is for Vegan, Vegan is Love, and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals. Other great options include Dave Loves Chickens, Lena of Vegitopia, Hubert the Pudge, and ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. Check out for many more ideas.

Magazine Subscriptions: Help new parents stay connected to the veggie community through a magazine subscription. We recommend VegNews and Laika.

Kid Gear: Help the new baby in your life get started right with a vegan-friendly wardrobe. Herbivore Clothing Company offers cute onesies and T-shirts for little veggies. CafePress also offers a variety of options.

Restaurant Gift Cards: If you have a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in your area, a gift card is a great option. Hungry, tired parents will think loving thoughts about you when their take out meal arrives. If you don’t have a veggie restaurant nearby, check HappyCow for vegan-friendly options or get a gift card from a vegan-friendly chain like Chipotle, P.F. Chang’s, Red Robin, or Panera Bread.

CSA Memberships: Look into a one year membership to the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) so that fresh, local fruits and veggies are always on hand for easy meal prep.

Meal Service Subscription: New parents are often lacking in sleep and dealing with the severe learning curve of caring for a newborn. You can make this stage of life a little easier through a meal service subscription. 22 Days Nutrition and Greenlite Meals offer delicious vegan cuisine and deliver all over the United States.

Gift Baskets: Put together a thoughtful gift basket of vegan pantry staples, such as pasta and sauce, nutritional yeast, vital wheat gluten, shelf-stable boxes of plant milks (almond, soy, cashew, hemp, oat, hazelnut, flax), Bragg’s liquid aminos, tofu jerky, TVP (texturized vegetable protein), pre-packaged soups or broths, and gravy and dressing mixes. If you want something unique that you may not be able to easily find in a store, check out the options at VeganEssentials. Short on time? Order a pre-made gift basket from Pangea.

What was the best thing you received as a new vegan parent? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Kristin Konrady lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband Patrick, their daughter Mathilda, and a menagerie of rescued animals. She enjoys renovating their 128-year-old Victorian house, creating delicious vegan foods, and serving on Chicago VeganMania‘s Board of Directors.