Top 10 Books for the Young Chicken Lover


Books for Young Chicken Lovers

1. Minny’s Dream A girl explores a factory farm and befriends a laying hen. She faces some hard truths and a ticking clock to help Minny and her friends. Read more.

2. Dave Loves Chickens In this brightly illustrated book, a visiting alien helps us see how fantastic chickens are. He shares with readers his disbelief that they are not revered universally on our planet. Read more.

3. City Chickens Learn all about a chickens-only rescue in this educational, interesting book detailing the history of and the need for Chicken Run Rescue. Packed with fascinating photographs and facts, this is a gem. Read more.

4. Chickens to the Rescue Preschoolers and early elementary kids will adore this book about so-called helpful chickens. Let’s just say some of the assistance they offer is not actually helpful. Read more.

5. The Adventures of Penny This chapter book details the story of a rescued hen and her journey to safety. A great read for kids who are ready to delve deeper into some of the complexities of our animal agricultural system. Read more.

6. Beautiful Yetta: The Yiddish Chicken Yetta escapes on her way to slaughter and learns about life on the streets of Brooklyn. A colorful, fun read with multicultural, multilingual facets. Read more.

7. Hilda Hen’s Search Where will Hilda raise her brood? Preschoolers and early elementary kids will have fun following along as Hilda explores her many options! Read more.

8. Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken Louise ditches the farm for a better life and has top flight adventures. A very clever and enjoyable book. Read more.

9. The Great Chicken Escape A mini-book featuring a relaxed day of escape for chickens who live with nuns as explore their habitat and environment. Author and illustrator Nikki McClure treats us to fantastic detail in her illustrations. Read more.

10. Chicken Said, “Cluck!” Chicken really wants to help her friends but is not always welcome in the garden, until one day, she clucks when it really counts! A short chapter book perfect for early readers or reading out loud. Read more.

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