Top 10 Books for Veggie Kids


  1. Fred Eats a Pea Fred is a dog who finds himself moved from a non-veg home to a veg home after his caregiver’s death. Children follow along with Fred as he learns about new food choices. Read more.
  2. Dogs Have the Strangest Friends This book contains special stories which explore the emotional life of animals — both wild and domestic. Insightful and heartwarming, elementary students will embrace this compilation by noted advocate and author Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason. Read more.
  3. Granny Gomez and Jigsaw After welcoming a piglet into her home, Granny Gomez shifts her mindset to accommodate her companion. A great message for elementary veg and veg-friendly kids. Read more.
  4. Garlic- Onion- Beet- Spinach- Mango- Carrot- Grapefruit Juice Fun, silly, and brimming with enthusiastic characters! A great read-along which demonstrates compassion, perspective-taking and will have everyone pumped up and smiling. Read more.
  5. Harmony on the Farm Harmony visits her family farm (really a sanctuary) and learns some truths about animal agriculture that lead her to adopt a vegetarian diet. An educational and validating choice for veg kids. Read more.
  6. V is for Vegan Geared to pre-schoolers and early elementary kids, this is an alphabet book with a twist. Each letter has a concept associated with living a vegan lifestyle, including healthy eating and animal issues. Read more.
  7. My Mom Eats Tofu Summer is worried about what others may think when her peers visit and find out that her mom really walks the green, eco-conscious walk. As it turns out, she had nothing to be concerned about! Read more.
  8. Steven the Vegan Steven is on his class field trip to a farm sanctuary. There, the experiences of his class engender questions about the food that they—and Steven—eat. Read more.
  9. Tofu and T. rex An enjoyable read about a young vegan navigating her way through school and family life. Older elementary and middler school students will enjoy the depth of the narrative and the numerous relatable moments. Read more.
  10. The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach Principal Lycopene requests Mitch’s help solving a mystery. Someone keeps breaking into the school custodian’s supply closet and making a big mess. Using his keen senses, Mitch solves the mystery! This fun book is chock full of facts and information. Read more.

Bonus: 11.  I Love Vegetarian Food A darling coloring book featuring all sorts of veg food, this is a nice, happy choice for any kid and the adults in their lives who like to color. There is a very sweet vibe to this book that is alluring to kids as well as the young at heart. Get out those crayons! Read more.


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Jennifer lives outside of New York City with her family. A long-time environmentalist, in her free time she enjoys cooking and eating mouthwatering vegan fare and advocating for animals in need. She coordinates outreach for Vegbooks.