Top Books for Young Environmentalists


Top Books for Young Environmentalists
  1. Mardy Murie Did! Children learn all about pioneering conservationist Mardy Murdie. This story will instill an appreciation of the work done done to help conserve U.S. public lands and wildlife. Read more.
  2. One Night in the Everglades Combining picture book and environmental science, this book takes young readers through the ecosystem of the Everglades and details steps that are being taken to monitor and improve the environment. Read more.
  3. We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers Charlie and Lola learn the why’s and how’s of recycling in this story. The bright illustrations and smart narrative engage even very young children. Read more.
  4. Once I Was A Cardboard Box… but Now I’m a Book About Polar Bears! This clever book informs young readers about the biology and status of polar bears while also giving them a detailed look at what happens to some of our cardboard when it enters the recycling stream. The book itself, as the title proclaims, is made from recycled cardboard and details the recycling process. Read more.
  5. The Lorax Now a classic, The Lorax is the story of a child’s awakening, the destruction of an ecosystem and an ending steeped in hope. As with all Dr. Suess books, the narrative is presented in enchanting rhyme. Read more.
  6. Compost It This straightforward book details the process of composting while reinforcing the benefits. Older elementary kids will especially enjoy the interviews with eco-experts found within. Read more.
  7. Bear-ly There This book is a refreshing look at conflicts between wild animals and people (and property). This story about bears and humans living in the same area has a message of accountability and respect for all different animals, as well as a thoughtful and empowered young protagonist. Read more.
  8. 101 Ways to Save the Planet A great choice for elementary and middle schoolers who are interested in simple and effective ways to make the world a better place. Read more.
  9. Me…Jane Dr. Jane Goodall is well known for her research and advocacy as well as founding Roots & Shoots and her work as a UN Ambassador of Peace. This small treasure of a book by cartoonist Patrick McDonnell details her life as a young naturalist, dreaming of a life helping animals in Africa. Read more.

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