Why Veggie?

Are you new to vegan living or looking for age-appropriate information to share with your veggie kid? We offer an overview of the key issues effecting animals, as well as a growing list of articles, videos, books, and more that you can use to help your kindhearted kids understand why being plant-powered is best for animals and the Earth.


Meat, Dairy & Eggs

We don’t eat animals because they are someones not somethings. Read More >


Zoos, Circuses & Aquariums

Entertain your family without hurting animals. Read More >


Leather, Wool & Fur

Fashion shouldn’t be cruel to sensitive animals. Read More >


Fishing & Hunting

Teach children to value life—not take it. Read More >

pet stores

Pet Stores

Adopt your family’s pet and help save a life! Read More >


Dissection in Schools

Cut out cruelty in your child’s school. Read More >

animal testing

Animal Testing

Buy products that take care of your family and value kindness. Read More >


Resources for Parents

Check out web sites, videos, and more to teach your kids about cruelty-free living . Read More >